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lightweight half-zip pullover

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inspired by the carolina boys our half-zip can take you from chilly mornings to sunny days. made from the same material as our shirts, this half-zip is unique as it can elevate an outfit while still allowing your boys outside without overheating.

please note, this material is different from our warm-up jogger. it is lightweight.

fits true to size
*if your toddler (specifically size 2T) has a larger midsection, we recommend sizing up for extra length.

machine wash cold
tumble dry low
iron low (rarely needed)

83% polyester
17% spandex

please note, the carolina blue tone in this shirt is slightly different than the tide blue shorts.

dressing made easy

courtside kids offers the ultimate convenience with our interchangeable shirts and shorts, allowing for easy outfit coordination. mix and match outfits to go from school, to the playground, to the court, to dinner at the club. our versatile collections provide endless possibilities for mixing and matching. embrace the freedom of effortless style and unlock a world of outfit options!

  • anti-odor

  • no wrinkle

  • stain resistant

  • no underwear required

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