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  • green half-zip pullover
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half-zip pullover

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the fall/winter set you've been waiting for! buttery soft fabric with a european fit jogger and a classic half-zip make the perfect, easy-to-grab and layer outfit. our half-zip features a custom zipper that is easy to use and features our ck logo. it is stretchy, smooth and also pairs perfectly with shorts for those fall, in-between weather days. as always, courtside has no tags and are sensory friendly.

care and sizing

our half zips fit like our shirts, true to size.
wash in cold, tumble dry low.
84% recycled polyester16% spandex

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dressing made easy

courtside kids offers the ultimate convenience with our interchangeable shirts and shorts, allowing for easy outfit coordination. mix and match outfits to go from school, to the playground, to the court, to dinner at the club. our versatile collections provide endless possibilities for mixing and matching. embrace the freedom of effortless style and unlock a world of outfit options!

  • anti-odor

  • no wrinkle

  • stain resistant

  • no underwear required

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game changing care

we understand the challenges of caring for kids’ clothes, which is why our fabrics are specially designed to make your life easier. our stretchy material ensures a perfect fit while effortlessly bouncing back into shape, saving you time on ironing. plus, our stain-resistant and anti-odor properties keep your son’s clothes fresh and clean, even after a day of active play. with courtside kids, you can say goodbye to laundry headaches and hello to hassle-free dressing for your little champions.