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green and blue socks (2 pack)

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our socks are made of 100% cotton. the jv socks are a light weight for comfort in the warmer months. each pack includes 2 pairs of socks!

small: shoe sizes 8 little kid to 11 little kid
medium: shoe size 12 little kid to 3 big kid
large: 3+ (fits adults)

wash in cold water. tumble dry low.

100% cotton

dressing made easy

courtside kids offers the ultimate convenience with our interchangeable shirts and shorts, allowing for easy outfit coordination. mix and match outfits to go from school, to the playground, to the court, to dinner at the club. our versatile collections provide endless possibilities for mixing and matching. embrace the freedom of effortless style and unlock a world of outfit options!

  • anti-odor

  • no wrinkle

  • stain resistant

  • no underwear required

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